Tank Farm


AFSC uses cutting-edge 21st century technolgy to provide a safe,
efficient, paperless and cost-effective service to our customers


The primary function of the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition ) System is to let operators monitor and control aviation fuel plant operations.The System is the Facility's electronic nerve centre. In the Control Room at the Tank Farm computers display the programme monitoring fuel flow in and out of the storage tanks. The system enables and monitors the high-speed synchronisation of all aspects of refuelling operations at the airport, from fuel reception through the storage and delivery stages.

The utilization of SCADA provides significant efficiency advantages, from stock management to quality control, and the highly automated nature of the Facility means reduced operation costs for AFSC because manpower is kept to the minimum.

SCADA also boosts safety standards, empowering features like the automatic leak detection along the receipt pipelines and hydrant systems, and the remote-controlled high-integrity isolation valves which seal off any problem areas on the grid.

The faster, highly individualised customer service SCADA provides is closely tailored to immediate requirements resulting in substantial cost saving to the customer, because aviation fuel demands over a 24 hour period can be highly variable.

Fusion 6 (i6)

Fusion 6(i6) is a computerised airport information system which enables AFSC to maintain a 24 hour data base on vehicles operation, delivery and sales transactions, fuelling records for customers and the monitoring of fuel movements. On-line dispatching system greatly improves staff productivity and utilization of vehicles.

The Fusion 6(i6) vehicle equipment is installed in the AFSC Refuelling fleet of service vehicles. Into plane fuelling is conducted around the clock and Astra Nova records and transmits fuelling data to the office-computer based system, thereby eliminating human error and ensuring accurate invoicing.

A computer screen display of the programme monitoring fuel flow in and out of the storage tanks at the Tank Farm. Click here to enlarge image.

Control Room at the Tank Farm which is the facilities’ nerve centre. Click here to enlarge image.

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