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The AFSC Tank Farm

AFSC is one of the largest aviation fuel depots in the world and maintains uninterrupted aviation fuel supply even during typhoon seasons.

The Tank Farm, where fuel is stored before being transferred to the aircraft, is situated at Chek Lap Kok.

It is comprised of twelve tanks: six large, each with 22,800 cubic metres of storage capacity; Three medium size of 21,000 cubic metre each, and three smaller units with 11,000 cubic metres of capacity apiece. The total capacity is 220,000 cubic metres.

All tanks are for storage purposes; they can be utilized to receive fuel from PAFF, and supply to airport Hydrant System.

Other Tank Farm features include 13 auto-controlled hydrant pumps each rated at 300 cubic metres per hour. Each pump is fitted with a filter water separator, a full closed-circuit sampling system ( to assure the highest environmental and operations practices ) and a sophisticated product recovery system.

Hydrant System

Aircraft at the airport are fuelled and defuelled at parking bays where the actual into-plane operations take place.

The Hydrant System consists of 318 hydrant pits servicing each aircraft stands in the passenger and cargo aprons.

These are fed by 22 km of hydrant lines in a closed loop, most of which are 24 inches in diameter.

Into-plane fuelling vehicles operated by AFSC Refuelling Limited feed the fuel into the aircraft.

Cathodic Protection and Leak Detection Systems were built in to ensure integrity of the Hydrant.

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