Into-Plane Fuelling Services

AFSC Refuelling Limited,
a sister company of AFSC Operations Limited, of common shareholders, is responsible for actual into-plane fuelling operations. It is contracted to provide fuelling and defuelling services to most airlines using the airport, including many of the biggest names in the business both locally and globally.

  • Fuelling Services
    Fuelling and defuelling services are provided around-the-clock at the airport, operating from the 318 hydrant pits servicing the each aircraft stands. Cutting-edge technology is utilized in providing customers with the most efficient service possible: with the transfer of fuel to the aircraft being by way of high flow rate hydrant dispensers designed and built to the highest industry standards, therefore enabling quick turnaround time for the aircrafts. There are 23 such dispensers and one low-profile fueller (or bowser) which is mostly used for aircraft defuelling.
  • Transaction data
    The Data is captured by Fusion6 (i6) , the automatic data acquisition device, thus eliminating human error and paperless. Computerized resources planning and real time WIDS system all contribute to efficiency in providing the services.
  • Airlines
    Airlines may from time to time request AFSC Refuelling to defuel their aircrafts in Hong Kong. Our bowser enables an aircraft of the same airline to be refuelled with the defuelled fuel within a time limit. Defuelled fuel not used for refuelling will be downgraded after the time limit expires.   AFSC Refuelling Limited utilizes cutting-edge technology to assure the highest standards of safety and efficiency in these procedures.

First Fueling A380 at Hong Kong Airport by AFSC at 23/Nov/2006

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