Working Ethics

AFSC (Aviation Fuel Supply Company) is the service provider for fuel supply and one of the service providers for air plane fuelling/defueling service at the Hong Kong International Airport.

AFSC receives and stores aviation fuel at the AFSC Aviation Tank Farm, then further distributes the fuel to airport hydrant systems for air plane fuelling.

AFSC companies have a clear ethos -the operation and maintenance of the Aviation Fuel Service System at the Hong Kong Airport. We are fully committed to excellence of service, best industry practices, efficiency and environmental awareness.

The companies are dedicated to competitive pricing to customers, implementation of cutting-edge technology and tailor made training for staff.

As the provider of aviation fuel and related services at the airport we maintain and adhere to the highest international standards of quality control, environmental, and health and safety requirements set by the airlines, fuel suppliers, Authorities and the international professional community.

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