Tank Farm

The Process

Source of Fuel Supply

The bulk of the fuel is shipped by oil tankers and received at PAFF before transferred via subsea pipelines to AFSC’s .....

Fuel Receipt Facility and Storage

The aviation fuel receipt and jetty facilities at Sha Chau, an island 3.5km offshore .....

Tank farm & Hydrant System

AFSC is one of the largest aviation fuel depots in the world and maintains uninterrupted aviation fuel supply .....

Stock & Quality Management

High standards of quality control are maintained in all processes linked to the company's operations to prevent any variation in product quality .....


AFSC uses cutting-edge 21st century technolgy to provide a safe,
efficient, paperless and cost-effective service to our customers


The primary function of the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition ) System is to let operators monitor and control aviation fuel plant operations ......

Fusion 6 (i6)

Fusion 6(i6) is a computerised airport information system which enables AFSC to maintain a 24 hour data base on vehicles operation, delivery ......

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