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Quality Management
Stock Management

Quality Management

High standards of quality control are maintained in all processes linked to the company's operations to prevent any variation in product quality. This is vital in terms of jet engine performance and passenger safety; the fuel must be of the highest quality in terms of cleanliness and precise specifications for aircraft requirements.

AFSC Operations is required to store, pump and safeguard jet fuel product received on behalf of all the suppliers, while titles at all times remain with the suppliers.

High standards of quality control are maintained in all processes linked to the company's operation in a variety of ways :

>Oil Company and Aviation Industry experts visit annually to inspect the facilities and the fuel.
>Recommendations made are implemented immediately by AFSC Companies.
>Strict procedures are used to test incoming fuel and facility maintenance.
>Annual inspections to all refineries and supply terminals to ensure compliance with international standard.
>Internal review programmes are carried out at the Airport.
>Regular cleaning procedures of the storage tanks at the Tankfarm are standard procedures at AFSC.

Stock Management

The Airport Authority requires that a minimum of 8 days fuel inventory is maintained at the Tankfarm, or 136 million litres, based on projections of uplifts. Total Tankfarm capacity at present stands at 220 million litres (12 days supply)

Stringent guidelines are imposed by AFSC Operations to the suppliers so that these requirements are fully met.

Inventory Control is also stringent in terms of incoming shipments from individual suppliers. Standardized procedures are carried out upon the receipt of oil shipments .This ensures highly efficient and accurate stock management for both AFSC Operations and the oil companies which supply the jet fuel. A tolerance limit within plus or minus 0.5% between the delivery certificate and the quantity actually measured on board must be met before the shipment is to be processed.

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