Safety is a top priority at AFSC Companies.

All staff receive on-going training to ensure that they are kept abreast of the latest developments in techniques and safety procedures.

Key safety and environmental protection features which have been built into the Facility include :

Full fire-fighting capability at the Jetty, including provision for fire-boat support .
Multiple hazard protection for submarine fuel pipelines linking the Jetty with Chek Lap Kok .
Weatherproof accomodation for supervisory and operational staff at the Jetty's remote Sha Chau location .
Air eliminators in the pipeline/tankfarm fuel flow system to remove entrained air and thereby minimize explosion risk within the filters .
Work boat and trained personnel for deploying the oil boom in the event of an oil spill .
A closed-circuit sampling system to monitor and maintain the highest quality environmentally-sensitive operating practices possible .
Leak detection systems on the receipt pipelines and within the hydrant system (including one under the Passenger Terminal Building) .
A hydrant system sub-divided into modules sealed by remote-controlled high-integrity isolation valves.



Staff undergoing a training exercise ....oil boom.

The emergency fire pumps at the Tank Farm.


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