The Environmental and Safety Systems installed by AFSC at Hong Kong International Airport are up to the highest international standard.

The guidelines used have been drawn up by some of the world's largest oil companies pooling their collective expertise and experience.

International oil industry experts review Hong Kong's Aviation Fuel System annually, analyze its performance standards, and make suggestions for on-going improvements.

A zero spillage policy, a standard set by the international oil industry, is adopted by AFSC Companies. This policy is vital at Hong Kong International Airport, given the immediate marine environment surrounding it. The Facility has therefore had to undergo a rigorous licensing process regarding environmental emissions of all kinds.

The waters surrounding the airport are the habitat of the Chinese White Dolphin (sousa chinensis), an endangered species. Dolphin monitoring has been undertaken by environmental consultants and the Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department.



A Chinese White Dophin (sousa chinensis) leaping form the water near the Sha Chau Receipt Jetty.


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